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Blue Mayan Divers Cozumel


What are the best dive sites in Cozumel?


SCUBA Dive Spots in Cozumel Island

The Best SCUBA Dive Spots in Cozumel Island are hard to pinpoint, because there are many.

If you are very experience diver, Punta Sur can’t be missed, as it is one of the deepest dive you can do in the island that is interesting,  you can always go deeper but there is not much to see, in this dive,  you will submere at a quick pace to touch bottom at 120 ft from there dive through a cave Ak Devil’s Throat, fascinating but short dive as you are limited by the dept of exiting this cave at 130ft.  Another love reef is Palancar wich most of the time is dove at 60 ft  to 80 ft, to go through many swim troughs, but personally I prefer to start diving around 120ft and look up to see the incredible reef pinnacles rising from the deep  all the way up to 15 ft, not many one do this just stand in the bottom looking up and feel the peace.  Other favorite is el Cedral Reef, know for it strong current and quick views of nurse sharks, black tips and turtles, depending on the season.

Come Dive with us and you will make your own list after a few dives.

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