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Blue Mayan Divers Cozumel


Do I need a wetsuit to SCUBA Dive in Cozumel?

You do not need a wetsuit to SCUBA Dive in Cozumel

Most of the year water is above 80F, but a rash guard or shorty is recommended in the summer and a 3mm wetsuit in the winter.

  The water temperature in the winter falls to 79.5 Fahrenheit and the summer goes to 84 Fahrenheit.

I usually  have a shorty, as doing three dives a day takes the heat of your body.

But if I am only going for fun and doing one deep dive I choose not to wear any protection.

  SCUBA Diving Gloves are not allowed in the national park, strange right?

But this have help to keep away the hands from the divers of the fragile corals.


Wetsuit Photo

There are many kind of wetsuits, divers usually have two, if you are a person that gets cold easy, it is always recommended to add a hood to you SCUBA Diving bag.

Also Do not forget that there are other important equipment pieces that you really need, look at the list bellow.

Scissors, this are a essential tool as usually were you dive, will always be persons trying to fish, ether legal or not.

You have to be prepared to cut a fishing line if needed.

A SCUBA Sausage, you never know when you will need it, if you get separated from your guide.

You need to be ready to surface safety on your own and avoid the boats above.

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