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NeoSport Waterman 3MM and 5MM

NeoSport Waterman 3MM and 5MM

Do not forget to buy your equipment in US before you come as there is a limited selection of gear in Cozumel Island, Our favorite store is SCUBA.COM and happened to have this amazing front zipper, this wetsuit is the favorite of your dive masters and it is easy to put on, now you can find this wetsuit on sale. If you come in winter to Cozumel, buy the 5mm, if you come in the summer buy the 3mm,  but I recommend you buy is you but the pants, also, only get the 3MM and more will be to much for Cozumel, this last one it is a must have, you will have amazing comfort during your dives in Cozumel Reefs.

NeoSport Waterman

UV Night Diving

UV Night Dive

At Blue Mayan Divers you have the option to experience the UV fluorescence, this is a new way to Night Dive.  UV light, make some of the creatures to glow on stunning color, it is a unforgettable experience.  At the moment we can only recommend Tovatec UV Led Light as other brands are crazy expensive and the lower price are not strong enough to make the colors pop.





Black Water Diving

Wow yes. you heard it Black Water Diving, nothing to be scared, at first I had the idea they take us to the channel between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel and we drift at 100 ft deep. but soon I realized the dive is hold at 30 ft depth and we descend just a few feet, there is a lap as visual reference, but as being so shallow, there is no even worry of decompression sickness,  and the reward could be incredible if you find a sea scorpion or any other rare creature.

Sea Creature

Drug Cartel In Cozumel

Cozumel is a “Safe Island”, Like all Mexico coast line, it  has a high demand of cocaine so the cartel is present here too, but as there is no place to escape they have never created problems affecting civilians and they are tolerated by the local authorities.

Penetrator Fins

A insight to the new

“Ghost Penetrator Fins”

Ghost Penetrator Fin


Composite Fiber Fin Blades Clear Pink Red Back.

Do I need a wetsuit to SCUBA Dive in Cozumel?

You do not need a wetsuit to SCUBA Dive in Cozumel

Most of the year water is above 80F, but a rash guard or shorty is recommended in the summer and a 3mm wetsuit in the winter.

  The water temperature in the winter falls to 79.5 Fahrenheit and the summer goes to 84 Fahrenheit.

I usually  have a shorty, as doing three dives a day takes the heat of your body.

But if I am only going for fun and doing one deep dive I choose not to wear any protection.

  SCUBA Diving Gloves are not allowed in the national park, strange right?

But this have help to keep away the hands from the divers of the fragile corals.


Wetsuit Photo

There are many kind of wetsuits, divers usually have two, if you are a person that gets cold easy, it is always recommended to add a hood to you SCUBA Diving bag.

Also Do not forget that there are other important equipment pieces that you really need, look at the list bellow.

Scissors, this are a essential tool as usually were you dive, will always be persons trying to fish, ether legal or not.

You have to be prepared to cut a fishing line if needed.

A SCUBA Sausage, you never know when you will need it, if you get separated from your guide.

You need to be ready to surface safety on your own and avoid the boats above.

What means SCUBA?


This is a very good question, sometimes even Open Water Divers do not know what does it mean this acronym SCUBA.

This means Self Contained Underwater Breading Apparatus, which was Invented by Jack Cousteau in the 1943.

Since then hundreds of people have enjoyed the wonders of the underwater world as this system allowed for longer and safer dives.




Barrier Reef

Cozumel Reefs are the most impressive part of second biggest coral reef in the world.

This is called the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Cousteau was a pioneer Diving and exploring Palancar Reef  in the 60’s.

He make them famous, beside Mexico,  The biggest Coral Reef is in Australia.

How much does it cost to live in Cozumel?

Cozumel Rentals

If you are planning to come to Take a Dive Master Course, You will need to stay in the Island about 15 days, the cost for a private room on a guest house about $300 US in low season and $500 US in h High Season.

If you are aiming for a longer time to take the Open Water Instructor Certification, rent a  house for 6 months will cost you about $600 US each month, you can always find lower price but this will bring you farther from the town center, with is not bad if you are planning on getting a car, this also will allow you to go around the island and shore dive in many places ether for a night dive or a mid day dive, it is always fun.

Let us know we can always recommend you a good guest house.

Fish and Coral at Paradise Reef Cozumel

Is Cozumel Good for New Divers?

Is Cozumel Good for New Divers?

Cozumel is one of the best places for Novice Divers, the water is crystal clear, no matter  what reef you dive in.

Many of them, including the famous Palancar Reef, have starting point at 20ft.

Where you can slowly descent, equalize, adjust your gear and get comfortable, before you continue exploring.

Blue Mayan Guides, will help you to adjust your buoyancy and guide your thought the coral reef.

Cozumel also have amazing SCUBA Dives by the shore.

In this you will see plenty of fish and coral, and give you plenty of time to get just to the underwater world before descending to 25 ft.


New SCUBA DIVERPracticing Neutral Buoyancy in Cozumel


In Blue Mayan Divers, we put attention to safety, so you will be require to take the Discover Scuba Diving Course, before you immerse into the blue water of our island.

This basic SCUBA Course will take you about 1 hour to complete, and it is the beginning towards the world wide recognized, PADI  Open Water Diver Certification.

You are lucky or you choose well to pic Cozumel as your SCUBA destination,.

My self had to endure the freezing water in Pensilvania to achieve my Open Water Certification.

If I new I would have travel to Mexico and take my course in Cozumel.


Is SCUBA Diving better in Cancun or Cozumel?

Cozumel Barrier Reef

As Jack Cousteau, dove and explore Cozumel Barrier Reef in the them in the 60’s, and declare it the most spectacular place to dive in the world, Cozumel is know to be the best. Cozumel Island is part of the second grates barrier reef in the world, the fist one is in Australia.  SCUBA Dive in Cozumel is good for beginner and advanced SCUBA Divers, You can dive at 30 ft and see plenty of coral formation and fish as well you can dive 140 ft and still see amazing fish and huge coral formation rising up to the surface like the empire state building touching the clouds.


Cancun on the other side, is know by its beautiful beaches of white sand, so underwater is the same, Cancun is just sand if you get to dive there. you will see sand and sea grass, which is not bad if you like to SCUBA Dive and see turtles, SCUBA Diving is so limited that they created a Underwater Museum which is ok for one dive but at the end I love to see fish and coral and Cozumel warranty you will see hundreds of them.


Fan Coral in Cozumel Reef

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