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Twilight Dive

Twilight Dive in Cozumel

Twilight dives are one of the most fascinating times to SCUBA Dive.  All the animals are actively hunting and swimming.

You can see in the photo below, I got a shot of a moray eel eating a fish.


This Dive is very similar to a two tank dive, except that the time is more suitable to encounter animals and creatures that usually you do not see during a mid day SCUBA dive. Also you will have a great time taking photos as you do not have the mid day glare and water appears to more crystal clear, be so you will come back home with fascinating images and memories, as all of our SCUBA Trips, we manage small boat to be sure you see more fish than fins during your dive.

Underwater Safety

As the night approach soon, safety is a top priority while doing a twilight dive in Cozumel, so we strongly encourage you to follow your Divemaster, and do not stay behind, we need to be sure the group decent and ascend together.

You guide will also teach you new hand signals for fish and creature you may not know, like the Splendid Toadfish which is a endemic fish from Cozumel Island and easy to spot during twilight dive, as a precaution we recommend you to carry a underwater flashlight during your dive.

Spotted Eel on Twilight Dive

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