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Rescue Diving eLearning Course


Are you all ready a Advanced Diver? Do not think it twice, take advantage of your next dive trip to Cozumel, and get one more SCUBA Dive Certification, Just sign up for the Online Rescue Diving Course and read and take your theory test online, print our erecord and come just for the fun part, the practical portion of this course is done by the shore, at Tikila Beach or Sunset Beach, you will have so much fun learning how to help other divers in different SCUBA Diving cenarios and also learn how to help your self by preventing the most common error divers tend to do, even myself as a novice diver ran out of air a few times and had few uncontrolled assents as i had not practice how to react to those situations, so my response as not the correct one to solve the problem. This is a life changing certification.

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